"Winter isn't a season, it's a celebration."

Anamika mishra

Winter White

Celebrate the Season

The first break of cool air. The first snowfall. Winter allows the unnecessary to fall away and the seeds of mysteries that will reveal themselves in the spring, to take root. This collection celebrates the crispness of winter, winter's hearth and winter in a warm place.


Like a walk through an evergreen forest with opening notes of eucalyptus and middle tones of cypress, moss and bayberry blend with base notes of fir and patchouli


Christmas in a jar! Top notes of Orange peels, cinnamon, and ginger give way to middle notes of clove and base notes of pine and fir. Slightly smoky

Winter In Miami

Did you know Miami has a winter? It usually happens for two days in January where the temps dip down to a bone chilling 62 degrees fahrenheit. This fragrance imagines what winter would actually smell like with top notes of orange peel and peppercorn, middle notes of apple and mandarin and base notes of vanilla and tonka bean.